[image 1: a short haired black cat with big yellow eyes sitting in a small cardboard box and tilting their head, facing the viewer

image 2: a close shot of the same cat standing between the photographers legs staring at the camera]


Please Help Isis (y’all have previously helped her a few years ago during a bad case of pneumonia)

Since November, Isis’ condition has been deteriorating. She’s losing weight fast, lethargic, and hard to wake up. She has limited mobility in her back legs, and is unable to land on her feet. She no longer can climb anything. After a scary night last night [8/5/14 to 8/6/14] I decided to rush her to the vet instead of waiting two weeks [when I get paid, I have an appt. scheduled for her for the 19th]. Currently she is at the Chase Vetrinary facility in a near by town.

I have 70$ for the initial visit, but now they are doing diagnostics like blood work and a possible x-ray. They will be giving me an estimate soon. I do not get paid until Thursday the 14th, and I’ve paid my bills already so I am expecting only to have to pay for this. I will be charging my credit card and paying it off after I get paid. But I would like some assistance.

Many of my friends have known that I had concerns that Isis was dying, and it may end up that if she is having some sort of kidney or thyroid failure, I’ll have to put her down. They can attest to this [if you need evidence, please feel free to contact me].

If you can donate, please donate here at my paypal.

I am also willing to do services such as sewing, crochet, editing writing, etc. I have an instagram that shows what I can do, but I will only share it to those interested in any services.

Isis is the naughtiest, tiniest black kitty in the world and I love her to bits. I am not expecting to “save” her, or anything, but to know whats going on and if she needs to be in peace I will make that choice. I will keep updates about her condition on my tumblr tagged isis.

Please signal boost, and donate only if you can.

UPDATE: Total cost of care so far is $427.

She is being treated with an enema because she has a significant amount of fecal matter that is not passing through her intestinal tract.

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