UNPOPULAR OPINION: I Don’t Have Student Loans And I Don’t Feel Bad For People Who Do




I’ve seen a few people sharing this gem ‘round the Interwebz today, and yes, it is exactly as excruciating as one might imagine. Here’s the best quote, though:

I can’t pretend I completely understand how these people feel after the fun is over and the (loan) repayments begin, but I can say that I really don’t feel bad for them. 
Why not? Because I worked hard to avoid taking out loans. My wonderful parents and grandmother helped me pay for my education, but in the end, it was a few decisions I made that saved me the burden of borrowing money I would never have been able to pay back.
Her conceit is that she lived at home to save money, therefore, she has better sense and judgement than anyone who has ever decided to go to college outside of their hometown. 
She doesn’t feel bad for you, you foolish fools with your dreams of college degrees! She did it all by herself with the help of extended family! Like, if a white girl’s still-married parents and also her grandparents could pull together and pay her tuition so she doesn’t have loans, and also they probably didn’t ask for any help with the bills and groceries, what’s your excuse for taking out loans to fund your education that you basically need in America? PLUS, as she points out, her mom likes to sing LMFAO when she does laundry and her brothers are annoying. You just don’t understand her suffering.

As one commenter points out: “This piece shouldn’t be called ‘unpopular opinion,’ it should be called ‘unexamined privilege.’”

Ew what garbage
Basically the entire article was her bitching about her family, she can fucking stuff it, this is just flaunting privilege
THAT is how you become a college graduate with still no idea how the world works- you continue to stay sheltered as you grow into adulthood and then you end up with this “eh pull yourself up by your bootstraps” mentality
That’s where it fucking comes from

I know someone JUST LIKE THIS. Constantly telling anyone who will listen how proud she is of not having student debt, claiming she “made good choices”. Her family paid for her school, rent, car, food, etc.

This cost-saving strategy, if you can call it that, is also literally impossible if you go to a school that requires you to live in dorms for part or all of your time there, and entirely depends on your going to school close to where family lives, which, like, means even on top of the stunning amount of unexamined privilege involved, this lady has benefitted from a number of advantages that are pretty extraordinary even for people within the the same class stratum.

In other words, she’s fucking unusually wrong, even for someone as privileged and unaware of that fact as she is- which means she’s probably never even had a conversation about debt and education costs with her class peers (which is disturbing, but totally typical now that I think about it).

UNPOPULAR OPINION: I Don’t Have Student Loans And I Don’t Feel Bad For People Who Do

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