Seckon’s work is strongly autobiographical and the title of the exhibition refers to the heaviness of his mother’s quilted skirt that she wore while she was pregnant with him during the civil war of the early 1970s. The thick fabric can be read as a metaphor for the burden of survival in the face of relentless hunger and bombing from the beginning of hostilities between the Cambodian army and both North Vietnamese forces and Khmer Rouge guerrillas in the early 1970s. The country endured decades of misery until the overthrow of Pol Pot’s regime and eventual peace agreement in 1991.

read more about cambodian artist leang seckon’s multimedia project heavy skirt here and watch his interview with his mom on the events that inspired his work here.

1. snowflower skirt

2. the singing soldier

3. next life let me not be a woman

4. rama rescues victims

5. golden flower skirt

6. flicking skirt

7. snowflower skirt

8. bloody shirt

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