gross dental overshare

I was totally certain I’d broken a tooth last night while flossing, so I went to the dentist’s first thing in the morning; it turns out that, even if you’re not cavity-prone and brush and floss regularly, not getting your teeth cleaned professionally for eight years means some lady will have to scale away all the accumulated crap with an ultrasonic probe, leaving you spitting water, blood and horrible chunks of tartar :)))))

(that said, I’m actually glad I didn’t get my teeth cleaned at the other dentist I saw last year about my cavities; the hygienists at that place were sweet but kinda incompetent, whereas this lady was a hyper-competent middle-aged Russian lady- presumably married or related to the curt, wolfish dentist- who was simultaneously very sweet and somewhat ruthless.  on the other hand, I am mad at myself for not getting it done at the NYU clinic much earlier, because a) I trust them at least enough to not fuck that up, and more importantly b) $$$)

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