Please Help Dee if you can




Hey guys. i really hate posting this. I’m just a couple hours away from getting on a bus and heading up to Chicago to visit the Howard Brown Health Center and hopefully return home with a prescription for HRT.

It has become vitally important to my continued survival for me to make these steps, and without beginning my medical transition i don’t know how i will go on. My bus ticket is purchased and i have a place to stay, i’m just really worried about money while i’m up there as well as when i get back. As many of you know, i’ve been having a hard time at work and one of the main ways this has manifested is that I’m not getting enough hours. A conversation with my boss the other day revealed that i would likely not be getting more hours in the future, as i “do not exemplify the personality traits” that they want in an employee.. This is a pretty convenient change up from the past and there’s really only one reason why this came about.. I don’t like being the person to blame things on my transition or gender identity, but it’s starting to feel unavoidable here.

At any rate,any amount you could spare to help me buy a bit of food and bus while i’m up there will significantly help me when i get to town and have to resume “normal life”. 

thank you so much for reading/listening. i’m only gonna leave this up for a little while. thank you again.

Thank you all so much for helping and reblogging! I appreciate it more than you can know!

Hey guys, I really appreciate the help, and this is my last time reposting this. I have one final appointment and copay to make and hopefully I’ll have my prescription for HRT. Anything is helpful and goes towards food/bills and pharmacy costs. You generosity and sharing has astounded me and I’m grateful for all of you

Please Help Dee if you can

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