I spent a lot of time hating Flint Faience because it used to be my job to sell it (for minimum wage) to mean rich people who mainly liked the ones with scary clowns on them. I feel like I gotta repent, and also be honest about how I’m Becoming Weird Old Rich Flint Ladies. (It was obvious from the beginning.) I would die for this one!

Faience is a type of glazed earthenware. Flint Faience was a company that started in the twenties—I’m not kidding you, this story is real!—by a manufacturer of spark plugs (for GM by way of AC) who discovered that it was more economical to keep his kilns running 24/7 even when they weren’t firing the ceramic bits of spark plugs. In the downtime he played around with other ceramics and through the twenties and thirties manufactured tiles that ended up in the homes, corporate establishments and public buildings of Flint that ended up more or less abandoned by the 1970s. Since then people pillage/”salvage” the tiles and sell them to old rich ladies who for some reason still live in Genesee County, for around $100 each.

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