I just saw an adult woman dressed like me in second grade

the 90s are back how does that make YOU feel

I got to a place of peace with my continued love of overalls a few years ago, mostly because overall cutoffs are very Gregg Araki/Queer Nation throwback chic, and now miss my orange-and-yellow-pinstriped and lavender velour overalls that I had in 5th grade. Also, they are great binder/bra-free-day dysphoria-proof clothing, even though it’s pretty much impossible to go to the bathroom in them.

That said, I also remember putting alien-head iron-ons (and the odd daisy) on pretty much everything I owned, and the shame I felt later about being such a big dork has ruined both things for life for me.

Also, somehow no component of THE defining look I had in 3rd-6th grades- flashy jumpers with turtlenecks and stirrup leggings- has ever come back? which seems weird, given that much uglier, dorkier-looking things are very fashionable.

The other thing I’m NEVER going to get is that chic professional women my age and a little older seem to have started dressing like therapists I had in 1992, and it always gives me this weird feeling to see people my own age or just, like, still young dressing in this way I associate with people who were impossibly old to baby me. It’s kinda unfathomable.

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