read a paper on early mizrahi perspectives on zionism here. this paper is now a bookmodern middle eastern jewish thought, reviewed here with this critique which i agree with: 

Another point I would like to raise is that while the editors chose texts that show a different vision of Zionism as understood by Sephardim, I wish they had reflected more of the similarities between Sephardi and Ashkenazi Zionists. For example, I understand from the introduction that Rabbi Ben-Zion Meir Uziel was much more tolerant and less messianic, compared to his Ashkenazi religious Zionist peers, but his text reads very much like many of those written by European Zionists, especially in the sense that the Arabs are rarely mentioned in it.

this reminds me of the conversation i had here a while ago mostly about iraqi jews and how i think anti-zionists downplay zionism or zionist sympathies among (pre-israel) middle eastern jews especially the total lack of interest in what zionist colonization would mean for palestinians. i really haven’t found much “anti-zionism” as we would understand it just some reticence to openly engage in zionist recruitment and activities for fear of “arab” reaction. here (pdf) is a paper on the zionist commission’s successful campaign to obtain supportive testimony from the leaders of levantine jewish communities to present to the king-crane commission.

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