Dirty Diamonds 5

by Alexis Cooke, Alison Wilgus, Ann Uland, Anne Mondeel, Ashley Austin, Carey Pietsch (Guest cover artist),Claire Folkman (Editor), Crystal Kan, Cyn Why, Denise Clamors, Dre Grigoropol, Faye Stacey, Jackie Huskisson, Jenny McKeon, Jillian Fleck, Julie Mills, Kelly Froh, Kelly Phillips (Editor), Miranda Harmon, Mouna Toure, Nicole Rodrigues, Patsy Chen, Sage Coffey, Sara Goetter, Scotty (Crystal Jayme), Silvia Carrus, Stevie Wilson, Tamara Ansing, Vicky Leta, Win Evans, Yao Xiao, Yui Wei Tan

Published by Dirty Diamonds

Dirty Diamonds is an all-girl comic anthology.

The milestone fifth issue of DIRTY DIAMONDS will be making its American debut at SPX, and this one’s a doozy! Edited by Philadelphia cartoonists Kelly Phillips and Claire Folkman, our first professionally printed book features 32 artists from six different countries all telling stories about the medium that means the most to them – comics! Read stories about these artists’ best, worst, and first experiences with comics.

Alexis Cooke
Alison Wilgus
Ann Uland
Anne Mondeel
Ashley Austin
Carey Pietsch (Guest cover artist)
Claire Folkman (Editor)
Crystal Kan
Cyn Why
Denise Clamors
Dre Grigoropol
Faye Stacey
Jackie Huskisson
Jenny McKeon
Jillian Fleck
Julie Mills
Kelly Froh
Kelly Phillips (Editor)
Miranda Harmon
Mouna Toure
Nicole Rodrigues
Patsy Chen
Sage Coffey
Sara Goetter
Scotty (Crystal Jayme)
Silvia Carrus
Stevie Wilson
Tamara Ansing
Vicky Leta
Win Evans
Yao Xiao
Yui Wei Tan

Perfect-bound – 112 pages – color cover / b&w interior – 8.5”x11”


For more information, or to pre-order the book, visit

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