Devoid of pitiful moralising and surpassing fetishistic infatuation with depictions of human sordidness, in the series Fictionville Rokni Haerizadeh cunningly (and
controversially) violates and perverts found photographic media images depicting human suffering into an anthropomorphic Orwellian world of fairytales: humourous, grotesque, satirical, bitter. With spontaneous violent fantasy, Haerizadeh applies
layers of gesso and bonding, breaks down the apparent integrity of the image, drains away the reductive moral stance, absolves his found canvas of its account of truth – in the Nietzschean sense unmasking all accounts of the truth in order to arrive
closer to the truth. It is ruthless criticism in the spirit of creative play (via)

artist rokni haerizadeh’s project fictionville can be found in book form here.

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