Former porn producer/pornographer Donny Pauling

*Pauling has been contracted by Playboy and “other well known [porn] companies” and spent 9 years working in the industry. – (x)

“Donny Pauling recruited 500 1st time porn actresses. He says most were college students.” – (x)

It seems like every day I have to do this. This guy is not “the porn industry”.

This guy is one (of, yes and admittedly, quite a few) doughy, predatory, scumbags who works in the sex industry. This is not “the porn industry”.

I feel like I’ve said it a million times. Maybe if a white girl with a radfem name says it people will get it: you are “the porn industry”. It only exists because you want it to exist and some very smart people are capitalizing on that demand. 

You want guys like this to be out of a job? Respect sex workers and share THEIR words and thoughts. You want guys like this to stop operating with impunity? Respect sex workers and stop listening to anti-sex worker trash like gynocratic grrl and her ilk. You want to know the porn you’re watching is ethical and made by people who want to be there and are treated well? Take a few moments before you whip your dick or your hootersnatch out and do some research.

I mean Jesus Christ the video is of this guy sitting next to Gail Dines. These people make their living off painting sex work as the most harmful thing that’s ever existed in the world. These people HATE SEX WORKERS. These people literally do. not. care. if sex workers are safe or can provide for themselves. 

Gail Dines and Donny Pauling are two of more than a few people who make their living from dehumanizing sex workers. Listen to what they say most often: it isn’t anything about sex workers as people. It isn’t anything about porn performers as human beings. It is the crafting of porn as entity or object – they effectively remove any aspect of humanity from it. Why? So you’re horrified by these Terrible And Scary Stories Of Porn With No Proof and then you, you blind sheep, engage in this rhetoric of “anti porn/porn is bad/porn is rape” without realizing that very rhetoric is a guise. It’s a game. It’s a veil over the real issue: hating sex workers. Using anti-sex work rhetoric to hurt the people who need you most. 

As much as I hate to say it, sex workers NEED non sex workers. We need you to realize, say, and share that sex workers need worker’s rights. We need you to share with your friends that sex work is work and we deserve basic human decencies in our places and modes of employment. We need decriminalization and the ending of stigma and shaming. 

Gail Dines is not in the business of ending stigma and shaming. Donny Pauling is not in the business of ending stigma and shaming. They both sit here in this video and reinforce!! stigma and shaming. Here’s a quote: “And she doesn’t think about the future. She doesn’t know she’s never going to get a job anywhere because she’s violated the morality clause of every decent company out there.” 

That’s from Donny Pauling. That’s from a guy who has told you, as exemplified perfectly in the gifs above: He doesn’t care about porn performers. He never has. He’s an abuser. He’s an abuser who is unrepentant and Gail Dines sits next to him as if there is no issue with any of his predatory tactics at all. And ending porn, as is the goal of these types of cretins, isn’t the same thing as caring about porn performers. 

Why do I say that? Because he. just. told. you. “she won’t be able to get a job” – so if porn ends (and it won’t. sex workers will ALWAYS be here just so ya’ll know) like they want it to? Say porn ended tomorrow. There’s no more porn ever. Ever. (stop crying) Then what are performers going to do for work? They’ve “violated morality clauses,” remember? They’ll ~never~ get regular jobs, remember? Do you even care about that?

Or have you just gotten caught up in the “horrors” of “the porn industry” like they want from you?

Again, Yes, porn is often problematic. No, porn is not the problem.

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