oh hey, I’m pretty sure this is a patch made from the Tel Aviv Queeruption t-shirt, which I had one of (despite not having been at that Queeruption- IDK if that makes me a horrible poser; they had spares for sale at this infoshop in Berlin and I was way more enthused about Queeruption at the time and liked that it was clearly at the intersection of punk + queer + anti-zionist + Jewish, so I bought one *shrugs*)

I ended up giving mine to the lover I had a fling with the summer I was 19, which seemed fair since she gave me a bunch of wonderful stuff as she was train-hopping to California for grad school, and I wanted to give her something equally special; I’m glad I did, not just because I wanted her to have it, but also because jfc, Queeruption became even more of a shitshow in the intervening years

anyway, MEMORIES

(possible image source here)

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