I’m making a zine about fat sex! It’s being compiled by me (Kirsty, I write Hard Femme and Make it Work zine and used to run Fatty Unbound blog). I decided to set it up because I see woefully few representations of fat sex *anywhere* and it often gets left out of chat around body positivity.

This is a sex and fat positive zine but one which also acknowledges that fat sex as a subject has lots of complexities and is bound up with trauma for a lot of people, and I want to reflect this in the content. The purpose of this zine is to create an open space where it is possibility to reflect on, discuss and present different interpretations of fat sexuality, and I hope it’ll be full of strategies, representations and discussion.

I’m looking for contributions! Contributions should be easily photocopiable in black and white and suitable for a half size (A5 zine). You can send:
• Comix
• Illustrations
• Essays
• Poetry
• Erotica
• Fiction
• Non-fiction
• Reflective writing
• Diagrams
• Art (that is photocopiable)
• Cultural commentary

The remit is pretty wide (hohoho etc) but here are some subjects/areas that I’d particularly love to receive stuff about
• Fat queers
• Kink
• Cultural commentary
• Sex toys/aids
• Sex work
• Nonmonogamy/polyamory
• Performance
• Sexting
• Selfies
• Asexuality
• Demisexuality
• Porn
• Feederism
• Fetishes
• Fat admirers
• Online dating
• Body diversity and dating
• Fat acceptance
• Gender play
• Intersections with other marginalised identities – whether POC, working class, trans*, disability activisms.
I’m not interested in publishing anything which is racist, sexist, transphobic, whorephobic, ableist, racist, classist or offensive to any marginalised groups.

Deadline: 22nd December 2014
Questions and contributions to FATTYUNBOUND[at]GMAIL[DOT]COM

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