Mass Execution of aboriginal Children from the Mohawk Residential School located in Ontario. They took all those children and stood them up next to a big ditch, then they shot them all and they all fell into the ditch. Some of the kids were still alive and they just poured the dirt in on top of them. Buried them alive.

Prisoners of the church. This mass murder happened in 1943 – in Brantford, Ontario, on land occupied by the Canadian Army, at its Basic Training Camp Number 20

Lorna McNaughton of Ohsweken, Ontario: is a survivor of the infamous “Mush Hole”, the Brantford Mohawk Indian residential school, run by the Church and Crown of England until 1970.

Why were these children shot?

The school was overcrowded just then. She was there, Lorna saw the army bring in all these cots for lots of new kids who showed up from all over the country. They must have just wanted to get rid of all the extra hungry mouths; it was wartime and everything was rationed. One day those new kids were in the dorms, then they were all taken out, and were never seen again.

A probable site of this mass burial of the executed children has been located, and is now under the protection and jurisdiction of the Onkwehonwe Mohawk Nation and its clan mothers. #indigenous #aboriginal

The investigation into the Canadian Genocide continues.

The Mohawk residential school Institute, 1832-1970 – Church of England (Anglican) operated – Ontario.

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