The year: 2014

“Bodyguards protect one of the six remaining last standing Northern White Rhinos.”

This gives me hope that humanity might have a chance and we shouldn’t completely give up on it yet

It should give you a hope that Africans might possibly be able to overcome exploitative colonial/imperialist adventure tourism that has sought to destroy every natural resource across the continent since the day they first showed up.

The loss of ivory-bearing animals, and most of the world’s animals has less to do with indigenous populations around them failing to conserve natural resources than the fact that global capitalism, fueled by western colonialism has made, over and over and over again, the market for these resources more valuable than many cultural ties.

The western conservation theory/practice/industry is one built on preserving non-western/non-European nations in a state as close to that the colonizers found them in. It has little to do with the actual realities of nature.* What you’re seeing isn’t just save the rhinos because conservation. What you’re seeing is a larger repudiation of colonial capitalism.

*Note: that is not to say there isn’t merit to conservation as a whole, but the industry that’s been cultivated is less about actual husbandry and cooperation than about preserving some mythical “primitive” or “untouched” land.

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