Send Yocheved to electrology school, so she can provide no to low cost electrolysis to Trans folks across the country!


My friend had a great idea that would help other trans women and secure her own financial future. What if she were to set up her own trans-friendly electrolysis operation? It looks like it doesn’t even require that much start-up money.

Here’s her indiegogo campaign, complete with video. 

Hi! I’m Yocheved. I’m a working class trans woman of color living in Florida. I have a couple of problems I’m working to solve in one fell swoop and I want your help.

Number one: trans women are overwhelmingly poor, broke, unemployed, underemployed or otherwise strapped. Everywhere. Almost always. And in a country with a heterocentric medical industry, none of our basic care gets covered. One of the simplest things we need for our emotional health and physical safety is often one of the first people notice: we need to afford hair removal, especially on our faces. 

Electrolysis is the most versatile, most permanent hair removal solution available and costs $65-$125 per hour on average (and can take between 100 and 400 hours of treatment time for a trans woman’s full face). There are a very small handful of low-rate, trans-safe/friendly electrologists scattered across the country.

Number two: I am poor. Fun as it sounds, working in coffee shops the rest of my life probably won’t leave me in particularly good health by the time I’m older. I’m willing to tug my own bootstraps, but the laws of physics don’t support the likelihood of me lifting myself all the way up. I’m asking for a boost.

Receiving training as a licensed electrologist will provide me a career that could last a lifetime. This is a gateway to a much more stable life for me. I currently have no way to afford this on my own and FAFSA sure doesn’t cover electrolysis school. I will be thrilled to give back to the communities of which I am a part.

So help me swoop both these the problems right into yesteryear by helping me build a carreer providing low- to no-cost electrolysis to my many trans communities!

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