Hi babes.

This little lady seems determined to make me prematurely gray, as she pulled a Houdini, got out of her cone, and ripped open her stitches today.

I’m taking off work and had to call out of my second job tomorrow night so that I can spend the day doing the vet thing.

I’m eating the money by not working, which is awful, but Cowboy Mom is chauffeuring us tomorrow so at least I won’t have to spend even more money I don’t have on car fare.

I know it’s asking a lot, but if you could please spare even a dollar or a reblog I would really, really appreciate it. I know so many of you have done so already and I am so grateful.

I’m just totally overwhelmed with all of this and I’m really trying to do right by Miss Cali.

Thank you, lovelies.

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