November 15th

Two students from UNAM wounded after a dispute with the police. 

Three cops and a school agent burst into the UNAM a few hours ago, violating it’s autonomy code, to take pictures and videos of students from an anarchist group, and shot at them after the students demanded to know what were the pictures for. There are two wounded students, one from a bullet, and even a dog. 

The police fled the scene after this happened in a cab, leaving their car behind. According to “official” pages, they were investigating the theft of a cellphone until the students threw rocks at them.

The fuck do you need four cops for something like that? Since when is the police so worried about a theft? Not only that, but they were members from PGJDF (Procuraduría General de la Justicia del DF), so not your ordinary cops.

It is worth mentioning the students were having an assembly to discuss the activities they were planning to do this November 20th, the next National Strike and the Mexican Revolution Day.

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