Don’t you dare tell me Australia doesn’t have huge issues with racism.

There are so many comments on this post saying things like “Australians aren’t that racist” or “well maybe we are but we aren’t as bad as X country” or “this is an isolated incident don’t judge us all” or “wah wah wah i can’t handle acknowledging that I am a part of an oppressive system”

As recently as SATURDAY, our Prime  Minister alluded to the idea that there was nothing in Australia before colonisation. 

Around one quarter of Australians are anti-asian and just over a quarter are prejudiced against Indigenous Australians. 

In August our PM said that Australia’s defining moment was the first fleet, despite this being a disastrous time in history for Indigenous peoples.

Indigenous Australians are not recognised as the First Peoples in the constitution (and as a result customary law cannot be recognised or used fully). 

There are still parts in the constitution that allow Indigenous Australians to be discriminated against meaning legislative changes can be made that only affect Indigenous Australians. 

Indigenous Australians make up over a quarter of the prison population, despite only being 2.5% of the total population of Australia.

55.1 Indigenous children per 1000 are in out-of-home care compared with 5.4 non-indigenous children per 1000. In NSW this rises to 83.4 children per 1000 for Indigenous kids.

This is just a SMALL sample of examples of racism or results of racism. Australian society as you know it, is built on racism. Stop pretending it doesn’t exist.

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