R.I.P. DeAndre Joshua

y’all are we just not going to talk about this? this 20 year old was found murdered inside a car at the same apartment complex Mike Brown was killed in front of. he had been shot in the head & set on fire. he was the best friend of Dorian Johnson—the guy who was with Mike Brown when he was killed & key eyewitness. y’all think this is a coincidence? mainstream media has barely covered it; there’s almost no information; it’s unclear whether an investigation is actually even happening and if it is, what the fuck it’s revealing. y’all seen the reports going around of how many KKK members there probably are in the ferguson police department. this doesn’t sound outside their ballpark. we need to boost this, to draw attention to the strategic murder of this young man, and, god, demand some kind of safety measures be taken for not only the leading figures of the movement in ferguson but their loved ones as well—because apparently it’s fucking open season on black people here.

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