Noisey asked me to write about some stuff, so I wrote about my existence in Hardcore/Punk, Ferguson and the Angry Black Woman trope. Please go read the whole thing!

“You know, people joke all the time about the Angry Black Woman, but fail to realize why we’re angry, and what or who we’re actually angry at. Instead, everyone rolls with the stereotype that they’ve been fed and applies it anytime a Black woman dares to express herself. I couldn’t tell you how many times white punks and metal nerds have said, “Kayla from Bleed the Pigs is too aggressive and angry. Why is she so tense all the time?” 

Think about it. 

My anger as a Black woman fronting an aggressive, politically charged hardcore/metal band with DIY punk ethics is somehow too much for them. White punks screaming about the same politics, the same fucked-up shit, and even about racial issues and injustices they don’t even particularly face, are wholeheartedly accepted, never questioned, never told to tone down, and never told to relax. No matter how justified I am, or how down for the cause they are, they’re put off by my very valid rage. Why is that? What is it about a Black girl doing the same shit white men do that makes them feel like it’s too much? How am I the only one being labeled too aggressive in a genre that is all aboutaggression?”

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