The National Park Service is pleased to announce its new online Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Travel Itinerary

The itinerary highlights the critical role that Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have played throughout America’s development, from early Pacific Islander settlements, to the First Transcontinental Railroad, to Japanese Relocation centers. It outlines some of the sites associated with the accomplishments and struggles of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, examining how these stories contribute to the whole of American history.

This itinerary includes nearly 70 historic places spanning 16 states, as well as territories like American Samoa and Guam. Through a rich collection of maps, images, essays, and other information, the itinerary explores and pays tribute to the heritage of Asian Pacific Islander peoples. The places identified along the journey, many of which are preserved in the country’s national parks and the National Register of Historic Places, provide a tangible way for anyone to step inside these stories.  

This itinerary is the 59th in the online Discover Our Shared Heritage Travel Itinerary Series, which supports historic preservation, promotes public awareness of history, and encourages visits to historic places throughout the country. This is the first itinerary where the essays and site descriptions are in a responsive design, making them easier to navigate on mobile devices and smaller screens.

The travel itineraries serve as guides for discovering and connecting the wide array of traditions, places, and events that define American history. The National Park Service’s Heritage Education Services produced this travel itinerary in partnership with the National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers. Thank you to all who contributed to the preparation of this itinerary!

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