Fund For The Children of Eric Garner

Eric Garner was extrajudicially executed by the police, on camera, and Daniel Pantaleo was not indicted for his murder; another instance of State violence on Black bodies. And as each name surfaces, there are families left behind. Real people. Real lives devastated. Recently his wife Esaw spoke out about this, passionately and painfully. 

His family has created a fundraiser for their survival. Please support them as they try to heal unbearable pain and continue their work for justice. On the site they mention:

This is a fund to support the children of Eric Garner: Shardineé, Erica, Emerald, Eric Jr., Emery and his grandkids: Alyssa, Rhiley, and Kaylee. This campaign is owned by his 3rd oldest child, Emerald Snipes. Your love, encouragement and support is appreciated.  

To support, click: Fundraiser For Eric Garner

There are many ways to support of course, as so many of us have been doing for the multitudes of victims of State violence, not only him (nor only Black men; Black women/children, Black LGBTQIA people are also victims of State violence). However, at the end of the day, money and tangible resources are needed too. Please support and/or BOOST.❤

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