Harper Conservative Government Brags About Punishing First Nations Who Refuse to Comply With Their Colonizing Laws

You want to talk “transparency” and “accountability”? Start with yourselves, neocons.

non-canadian followers, please fucking reblog this

this is our CURRENT government. and they’re a MAJORITY government!! as in they were popularly elected!! they’re breaking treaties and giving TREATY LAND to oil companies, they’re refusing to launch an inquiry into the 1000+ missing and murdered indigenous women, they’re ignoring the UN’s statements that the human rights situation of canadas first nations is DIRE!! they’re using loopholes in the access of information act (loopholes that THEY wrote in) to withhold information on everything from the military to viagra from the canadian public and then have the nerve to fucking talk about “first nations transparency”?!

this is the situation in canada. a majority of canadians think that shit like this is right and just, because the popular opinion of native americans is that they’re lazy mooches- an opinion molded by LITERAL propaganda from the canadian government and our public broadcaster about residential schools back when my parents were kids and which has been passed down from my parents’ generation to mine

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