Leelah Alcorn was a 17 year old transgender woman artist. She grew up in a very religious Christian family. When she came out as trangender to her parents they told her it was a phase and sent her to therapy. The therapies they sent her to were religious ones that told her things like god makes no mistakes, told her she was selfish, and that the only way to cure depression was to follow gods path. She came out as “gay” at school so people wouldn’t be as shocked when she came out as trans. Her friends were accepting but her parents called her an embarrassment. They took away all electronics for 5 months and kicked her out of public school.

She was an artist. he drawing above was drawn by her. 

She committed suicide on December 29th due to the transphobia caused by her family. Please remember her and the other transgender people how lose their lives to transphobia. 

Link to her tumblr (warning that it contains her suicide note and sensitive materiel)

Link to news article


she’s from my city 😦
Rest in power, sister

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