I normally wouldn’t do this kinda thing but we’ve been in a really tight situation lately. I’m a mentally disabled teen and I live with my physically disabled mom, so both of us live off of disability. But if you’ve ever had to live off of disabily, social security, things like that you know that it’s not a lot.

We have our bank account and credit cards overdrawn pretty much every month just from getting the very basic things we need, and having to worry about all of this is stressing me out and taking a toll on my mental health, as well as my mother’s who has depression and PTSD.

Things that the money will be spent on:

  • Medicine: I’m mentally disabled and my mom is physically disabled and we both need meds to be able to function at the minimal level we do.
  • Food: We need to eat obviously.
  • Doctor/Therapist Visits: I have to see my therapist once a week now, and my mom needs to go to get her prescriptions and also to check up on her bronchitis (her insurance covers most of this but mine still has a copay that we have trouble paying).
  • Basic Necesities: Paper towels, toilet paper, shampoo/soap, etc.
  • Pet supplies: Because my cats are wonderfully plump and I’d like to keep them that way.
  • Drivers Ed: Like I mentioned above my mom is physically disabled and sometimes doesn’t feel well enough to drive herself/me places which worries me in the event that there’s ever some kind of emergency (also I need an ID so two birds one stone). On top of that we were in a car accident when I was a baby and, like I said at the beginnning of this post, my mom has PTSD because of this and gets very anxious and stressed out when driving.
  • Rent/Bills: The money I get from disability covers the rent for the most part but we come up short on bills fairly often and get our bank account overdraw.
  • Clothes: This is pretty low on my list, but considering how cold it’s been recently, and the fact that everything I own (a hoodie, 2 pairs of pants, a few shirts) is about 3 years old, I’d really like to be able to get new/more things (and these will be cheap like Walmart or something, I’ve never liked spending a lot on clothes).

The link to donate thru paypal is hereand my email is ‘jyupiteo@gmail.com’. Any amount of money you can give would be extremely helpful, and if you can’t give any please reblog this post incase other people are able to ! Thank you so much !!!

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