My heart is breaking. This is Goya, 4 y/o pitbull male who was literally dumped in a high kill shelter in Manhattan. He is a therapy dog who detected seizures for a disabled child & alerted the family (he would even lay on the ground to buffer the child’s fall!!!) and the family abandoned him like FUCKS. He is extremely confused and has not stopped crying. He’s also extremely sweet, loving, and great with other animals/children. He’s likely to be euthanized very soon and is already catching the kennel cough. I would literally drive there right now if I wasn’t in California. Please ask around for homes for him if you can!!! Or if interested text 845-536-4134, his ID # is A1024494

Yo NY followers: save this dog

If you can’t take him, boost the signal.  PLEASE!!!!


Please save doggie please

Looks like the dog was fostered but is still seeking a forever home!

I’m worried for the kid who had this dog before his family dumped him too.


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