[Collage of images of Celia, a white and tabby cat, on a patterned background, text “Care for Celia” with url “youcaring.com/careforcelia”]

One of the best things that happened in the last couple of months is that I adopted a second cat from the local cat shelter.  She was young (about a year), her health checked out okay, and she was timid but affectionate.  Once I got her home, her confidence grew every day until she was playing, running to greet me when I got home, and hanging out with my older cat, Leland, watching birds out the window.

About two months after adopting her, her health started to slide rapidly downhill.  Tests revealed she had kidney failure, and she needed immediate hospitalization to stabilize her condition.  She’s back home now, receiving subcutaneous fluids (on the kitchen counter!) at least once a week, with blood tests every couple of weeks to monitor her kidney functions.  In a way, her story is a happy and hopeful one, because her condition was caught in time to at least give her a pretty nice quality of life, enjoying her new forever home and the company of her new buddy.

Unfortunately, the bills for her care were through the roof, leaving me in a not-so-great situation financially.  Going forward, the vet would like to have a kidney biopsy performed on Celia to figure out the best long-term plan of treatment, but it’s an expensive procedure and right now it’s not an option.  Additionally, I recently lost about half my work hours, making the situation even more dubious.

A couple of friends decided enough was enough and were kind enough to make a fundraiser for Celia.  They and others have been generous with their time and social media space, getting the word out.  Even more folks have been kind enough to donate.  There’s photos of Celia, more about her situation, and even images of her vet bills.  My hope is that folks reading this will spare a few good thoughts for Celia, and that if they’re inclined, maybe even share this post or donate a couple of dollars.  She’s a great cat who had a rough start, but still has a lot of joie de vivre, and she deserves the best chances we can give her.

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