Canada’s race problem macleans magazine preview

Is Winnipeg the most racist city in Canada The Manitoba capital is deeply divided along ethnic lines. Its Native citizens suffer daily indignities and horrific violence.

If you ask me, A native living in Winnipeg I’d have to say  the headline is pretty accurate.

I just don’t get why until we compare this problem to that problem we are unable to address it.

By framing the story “Canada is more racist than America” that opens up the mindset that things “aren’t that bad here, it’s a bigger problem for someone else!”

Like whyyyyyyy

Let’s just make it crystal clear that natives face a huge amount of nasty discrimination and we all need to do our part.

Because white ppl are ignorant and would rather just look the other way.

A band councillor (native politician) was shot to death by a winnipeg police officer for a crime he didn’t have any involvement in. Its called the shooting of J.J Harper.

The provincial conservative government to stay in power decided to split the vote by funding independent native political parties, Thereby putting down the rising native political action. Its called the tory vote splitting scandal.

The Winnipeg police ignored pleas from 2 native women at a domestic disturbance in the early 2000s resulting in their murder

Felicia solomon’s death (2003) Only parts of her were ever found.

Homeless double amputee dies in hospital waiting room.

Winnipeg teacher placed on leave after comments about native ppl

Portage place: aboriginal woman said she was pinned to the ground by a security guard

Mayor candidate under fire over wife’s comments

Manitoba Tories (conservatives) oust youth president over racist social media comments

That’s a small cross section of things that happened in WInnipeg.

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