i don’t know what this is from but it’s dope af

Two-Tone Hairstyles – Raymond a short about Raymond Bessone’s work

cruel-in-love also pointed me towards Raymond Bessone as the person responsible for these amazing looks, so h/t to them as well

this video is VERY worth watching for ‘Raymond’ (pronounced with accent on the last syllable, like ‘Raymonde’) and his ‘trademark gold scissors and tortoiseshell comb’, the overwrought color names (‘torchlight Titian’!!!), and quotes like this: ‘Inspired by the two-tone color all around us, like cars, houses, and even refrigerators, Raymond previewed this revolutionary step in Hollywood, where it is fast catching on. And styles like My Fair Lady, based on an idea from the Broadway show, are expected to do the same here in 1957.’ it’s kind of a perfect little nugget of American post-war style adapted to late-fifties England, complete with woman-as-extension-of-consumer-luxury imagery and misplaced optimism.

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