Different Smokey Eyes

just to break down what’s happening here, as far as I can tell:

  • concealer (or possibly a skin-toned primer?) all over the eyelids and surrounding area
  • (not pictured: false lashes- possibly earlier, possibly later???)
  • creamy pale beige shadow, close to skin tone, all over the lids to almost the brow
  • warm pale pink (but still darker than the 1st shadow) shadow applied to the crease, and then blended upwards
  • liquid highlighter applied to the highest point of the eyelid, and then topped with gold glitter shadow, patted on in a thick-ish layer
  • same pale pink as in the crease applied to both corners of the eyes and blended in slightly, to create a rounded effect
  • a darker brownish-taupey pink applied to the corners of the eyes, slightly more heavily at the outer corner, and then blended into the crease
  • more of the brownish-pink applied at the outer corner (possibly a second, more brownish but still red/pink-toned, shadow?), blended into the crease
  • shadow at the crease is blended upwards, so it goes to just below the brow
  • mascara on upper lids
  • medium-dark purple eyeshadow is applied to the lower lash line from the outer corner of the eye, and then blended to a smoky/diffuse line and in towards the inner corner
  • liquid/cream highlight is applied to the water line (NOTE: this is kinda advanced/not necessary IMO/prob not a great idea if you have sensitive eyes)
  • mascara is applied to the lower lids

(you can certainly adapt all this to your skin tone, btw! the look is basically predicated on a base color close to your skin + a pale-to-medium pink + a darker pinky-brown + plum/purple at the bottom lashline, so as long as you maintain a certain degree of contrast between each you’re good)

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