On March 5th, 1945, Lena Baker, a maid, mother of three and former cotton-picker, was the first woman to be executed in the state of Georgia. She was wrongly convicted for killing her white employer, Ernest Knight, after he held her captive for days and threatened to kill her if she went back home to her family. Knight promised to kill Lena Baker with an iron bar. She took his gun in self defense and shot Knight. She immediately reported the incident to the authorities and told them exactly what happened and how she shot him in self defense. She was charged with Capital Murder at trial by an all-white male jury. Baker was the only woman executed by electrocution in Georgia. 60 years later in 2005, Baker was granted an unconditional pardon by the state of Georgia. 

Don’t forget Lena Baker!! She’s just like all of the innocent black lives lost today and desired to be forgotten and thrown away.

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