Photo documentation from YOU MAKE ME SICK

Morgan M Page/Odofemi, 2015

Presented at Squirts at La MaMa Experimental Theatre (NYC)

While a supercut of scenes from popular films and television, such as The Crying Game, Ace Ventura, and Family Guy, depicting men vomiting at the sight of trans women’s bodies plays, the artist quickly eats a bowl of jell-o and (successfully) attempts to force herself to throw up.

“I am Dil’s unexpressed transsexual rage.”

Photos by Eric Lippe.

was there

the audience was laughing at the opening clip of stewy saying transmisogynistic old saws on family guy, scary right

she was great

I can’t believe this post has gotten over 700 notes in just a few short hours. Who knew throwing up for art was #trending right now?


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