Setting Up For the March on Washington

Planning for the March was no small effort, even in the food department: though officials advised attendees to bring bag lunches, hundreds of volunteers packed 80,000 lunches, consisting of a cheese sandwhich, an apple and a piece of cake, to be sold for 50 cents each at the event.

For more info, check out Eating on the March: Food at the 1963 March on Washington from Smithsonian Magazine.

Part of a week-long series of gifs from The March, the James Blue documentary about the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, restored in 2013 by The National Archives. You can view it online here

Love it. The army of planners & volunteers were the unsung heroes of the March!

This is the kind of organizing and activism that I really appreciate: more so than the glamourous speeches and dramatic spectacles, the quiet behind-the-scene logistics, planning, project management, teamwork and execution which enable those occasional public triumphs. It’s said that superior logistics wins wars; it also wins revolutionary struggles.

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