I’ve always assumed most women do this, but every time I bring it up to a friend she always acts like I reinvented the wheel, so just in case y’all don’t do this and it might come in handy:

If you’re a plus-size lady or just have really large breasts, you’ve probably noticed most the cute bras are made for the itty bitties. Easy fix: buy a pack of bra extensions. As long as you find your cup size, you can make any bra fit. I found mine at Target for 7 bucks; and they have them available with two hooks or three. Even if you find a bra in the junior section, as long as it’s your cup size, you can even use multiple extenders at once to make anything fit. The four I bought today were size 34 and I typically wear a 38 or 40.

WAHT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT! What! Why is this news to me? WHAT!

For my followers with big boobs!



just remember! your cup size changes relative to your band size- so, like, if you’re a 40D you’ll be something like a 38DD/E or a 36F or a 42C. probably the safest thing to do is to try it on (maybe bring your extenders with you???), but you can use sister sizes to figure out the ballpark.

(note that this probably works better if your band size is the part that makes it hard to find cute bras- apparently people with smaller band size numbers but larger breasts also get screwed over for pretty bras :/)

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