Stills from video documentation of THE PREGNANCY PROJECT (May 2001- February 2002)

From the original promotional material: “MIRHA-SOLEIL ROSS launched “The Pregnancy Project,”a 9 month long performance art piece she is creating to explore transsexual women’s relationship to the personal and institutional aspects of motherhoodand to arouse community discussion around the ethical and politicalimplications of controversial reproductive technologies and prospects such as
surrogacy, in vitro fertilization, artificial induction of abdominal pregnancy,
female reproductive organ transplantation, and cloning.”

For nine months, Mirha appeared pregnant every time she was in public, occasionally pushing a stroller. She and her partner Mark Karbusicky created two additional video pieces, ALLO! PERFORMANCE (viewable online at the link) and LULLABY (available through Vtape.org), during this time as part of the project.

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