#Every48Hours (2/17/15): Another unarmed Black man has been murdered by the police in Florida. Rest in power, Lavall. We uplift your name now too. #staywoke #farfromover

here we go again.

I want to scream 

I really wish us as a people would not seek out the police to help us. They are not here for us and never have been. We truly need an alternative because this is madness

Oh my fucking God

I really wish we as a people had alternatives but the police. The problem is in most jurisdictions there is little to no alternative option. This is EXSPESHULLY true when talking about resources for folks with mental illnesses.

There are few legal resources (i.e. laws that allow family members to seek help or aid when living with people who may violently dissociate), and even fewer resource options for caregivers in general. Add to that the continued stigmatization of people with mental illnesses as a strong disincentive to reaching out to community members for alternative supports.

Not only are the police and the police state EXPLICITLY at fault for the outcomes of their interactions with Black folks in general, but there’s also a broader cultural failing in providing support mental illness

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