Columbus people // punk bullshit burnouts: are Katherine bad people, or?

i haven’t heard of this band but now i wanna know too cause according to their fb an interesting assortment of people i know like their page but not hila or tara who i trust the most about columbus 

hahahahahahahajajaaaaaaaaa tarae, idk how to field this
why is nemesissy asking?

hey, sorry about asking! I was asking bc a band that’s playing in Brooklyn that I don’t know anything about can go either way, but often means trouble, and I just figured that either tarae or some other people (since I don’t know who’s in the loop with what scenes) might know if there’s something shady that one of the members did / if they keep terrible company / etc.

I actually can’t read your ‘read more’ post about it, but I’m gonna presume they’ve done bad shit and therefore are to be avoided.

anyway, once again, I’m really sorry about bringing it up // giving you reason to shitpost!

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