So these posts were the last post of a trans woman friend that me and a lot of people in the east bay knew and the confirmation that she in fact died. She had attempted suicide once before and we were able to stop her but this time it was too late. She jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge last night around 6pm.

A lot of us were just starting to get to know her and I personally started talking to her after Oakland Pride last summer and we had talked about going to punk shows together and we had attended the queer open mic in Oakland where she told the audience of her past with abuse transphobia and hate from her family. She often spoke of her family not supporting her being trans and was in and out of shelters and living with family.

Since she is a TWOC, it is unlikely that her suicide will gain any visibility even in our community as the common narrative is that only white trans women commit suicide and TWOC are murdered.

Please spread awareness of the latest victim of a society that makes our lives incredibly difficult. I myself have been nearly driven to do the exact same thing that she did last night but the will to live has kept me going. Sadly it was too late for her.

RIP Aubrey we will miss you.

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