I feel very receptive to other people’s needs around language and accessibility- if you ask me to rephrase a thing, I’m happy to try, and I
know that I have a tendency to use kind of abstract language and long,
twisty sentences and that not everyone can deal with that. but if you
pull the ‘I am not a PhD candidate’ card with me (or similar shit that
implies that I’m being elitist for writing the way I write, when
actually I’ve always written/spoken this, and have always been teased
and generally treated like shit for it), I’m just going to pull the
autism card on you, sorry (not sorry).

assuming that
wordiness always comes from a place of ‘irritating gender studies major
privilege’ or whatever, and accordingly bringing those issues to how you
deal with people who are wordy, may sound anti-elitist, but sometimes
it’s actually a way of brandishing horizontal hostility against (other)
people with neurological issues. don’t do that shit.


a bad-brains-y college dropout

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