at the 2015 auckland pride parade, police and corrections marched. a group of 3 protesters crashed the parade. a māori trans woman had her humerus fractured. nearly a month after the fact, she is still in a cast, and the group is still being attacked in the media by queer community leaders: by the gay auckland business association, by older activists, by both the previous and current ausa queer rights officers; in gaynz, in gayexpress, in the herald, in craccum. so far in 2015 we have lost the life of at least one trans woman per week – one in new zealand, on the north shore. the ‘community’ responded with silence. i marched in the parade to bring awareness to this. i got abuse yelled at me. in new zealand trans women are put into mens prisons, where they are raped and abused. the ‘community’ does nothing about this.

the ‘community’ is characterised by assimilation and complacency while we are left out to die. there is no queer community in new zealand.

zine produced for the auckl/and arts festival’s white night, 14th march 2015, 6pm-midnight. available to view at auckland central library mobile bus, also availbe to order.

now available to order! $5, worldwide shipping.

auckland folks, you can also check it out at the auckland library’s zine archive.

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