like, this isnt a game.

art is survival,


whether people think it trivial or not.

whether the cost was high or low. 

yeah we can talk a big game about ownership and responsibility,

but if you arent taking accountablity of yourself;

and your complicity/furtherance

of violence in communities you serve,

you can honestly fuck outta here. 

ESP with faux ally bullshit. 

this shit is our lives. 

and in this game we’re at the bottom of the totem pole

when we cry for help our cries are stifled and mocked


we had to bury a trans woman a few months ago.

yeah we can talk a big game about mourning a loss

but when homegirl needed real help and resources where did she have to turn to?

and now shes dead.

from what i hear surrounding her death it is no surprise that i dont frequent the “lgbtq” nightlife anymore. fuck niceties. 

ive been without healthcare this whole fucking year.

i had to quit a job, i needed, i NEEDED.

this shit is serious and quite frankly i’m just focused on my peoples from now on. 





i never thought i would have to come to it, but with everything that has happened, and now with the snow and my paycheck still not coming and name change & UB school expenses, 

i have added a donate button at the top of my page. 

Any kindness is much appreciated. 


Hey guys please donate and help out this awesome lady and if you can’t donate signal boost ❤

bringing this back because of obvious needs. I will be making some sort of crowdfund because I NEED to get bck to school; and the limits that I currently face can be eradicated. 


Any help is muchhhhhh appreciated. 

Boost this




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