Updated donations post

I’m a 20 year old bedbound woman with a spinal injury, and I’ll be evicted from my subsidised flat on 22nd April 2015 for being disabled. If I become homeless, my life will be in danger due to complete inability to sit/walk. 

I must pay market rent ($190 to $365/week) and private home care ($175/week) for 6 months while waiting for public housing. I’m obligated to prove to a landlord that I have sufficient savings for the total costs, which currently exceed my bank balance by $4434.29 to $8984.29.

Additionally I need money for medical assessments to obtain a complete diagnosis by 28th April 2015 – the due date of my disability pension application. 

Links: GoFundMe & costs outline($5 minimum)| PayPal (no min.)| Image description | FAQs |

Please consider donating. Even small amounts will accumulate and will save my life.

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