I feel like it’s p weird to act as tho the problem causing the current crack down on nudity is “Puritanism” (in some ways being equated w conservativism) when like FOSTA/SESTA we’re almost unanimously (97-2, those two being Wyden and Rand fuckin Paul) and I’ve had to watch a substantial portion of leftists on here basically argue continuously in favor or suppressing sex work or p*rnography in ways that would basically lead to this exact same system (w perhaps some people being conscripted into having to view the material in order to suppress it) if they had their way!

Everyone crying abt just figuring out that gay + trans stuff that isn’t the most bullshit Disney assimilationism isn’t seen as “normal” or “appropriate” are , and I know it’s cliche, the person crying abt the their mistaken vote for the Leopards Eating Faces Party

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